Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 4th – Visiting friends


The day started with Jesse feeling a head cold, so he stayed in bed and didn’t walk with the guys.

Once we both got up and moving he walked the boys up on the levy while I made the bed and started coffee.

Marilyn came to pick me up for our walk and it sure felt good to be walking again.

Once back at the Inn we had fruit for breakfast and just relaxed and computered.

In the afternoon we had lunch and got cleaned up to head west on 83 to have cocktails and dinner with Chuck and Kathy.

We met them for the first time in Livingston while we were getting our rigs inspected. We told them about RV-Dreams and they ending up joining us at the Rally.

They stopped by our resort a few weeks ago, but we were on our way out the door, so we said we would get together soon and this was the day.

We sat outside their Montana having a drink for a short time before the cool breeze chased us in. (They have the same model Montana we have only theirs is a 2008).

Kathy prepared a very nice dinner for all of us. Chuck & Jesse cooked burgers and chicken on the grill, while I watched Kathy got rolls, potato salad, baked beans, tomato, onions, pickles and all the condiments all set up on the counter for us to enjoy. Everything was very good, thanks for a good meal.

After we cleaned up the plates we played pinochle. Girls beat-up on the guys.

We had desert and then headed home to relieve the boys, they were very glad to see us.

We had a very good evening and look forward to see them again in Kerrville next month.

Until tomorrow see ya down the road.

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Leno said...

Sounds like fun. I love Kathy & Chuck. Look forward to all being together in Kerrville.. Does Jesse golf? I know Chuck & my hubby will be doing some of that. They golfed in Branson and had a great time.