Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday/Friday, Feb 12/13 Two Full Days

After we both walked Jesse and I got cleaned up and took off for the Don-Wes Flea Market. We wanted to order a sun screen for the patio but, as they had one our size in stock. We were thrilled and purchased it.

When we left there we went to Victoria Palms Resort for lunch. This is owned by the same guy that owns our park as well as Alamo Palms Resort. Anyway Victoria Palms has a restaurant and we both ordered chicken taco salad. Mine was okay, I have had better.

After lunch we went to Wal*Mart for a few groceries. Once home I put everything away and Jesse went in search of pegs to anchor the screen.

We were all going to Carl and Linda's for cocktail time. I put together a plate of crackers, cheese and grapes. Grabbed a bottle of wine a few beers and off went went down the street. We had a good time with much laughter.

Rick, Ed, Ted & Carl

DSC04221 Carl, Dan, Jesse & Lonnie


Tapia, Sue and Pat

DSC04223 Marilyn, Linda and Sherry


On Friday were were up and on our way to Bensen State Park for another bike ride.

There were 8 of us and it was a good time but very hot, sunny, humid day.

We saw green jays


DSC04233 There we others but I will not bore you.

Jesse took this picture for HowardDSC04245

We packed a lunch and sat in the snack bar where it was cool to eat. We ordered smoothies and shared. They all laughed at me because I didn’t like the Mango and I guess I made the face of dislike.

Returning home I laid across the bed under the AC and took a short nap. :~)

Ed, Marilyn, Rick, Sherry, Jesse and I went to dinner at Lins Chinese buffet. We all stuffed ourselves, then went to the Rec room to play Double Dominos.



Here is Jesse and I and my new do




This is the shortest I have ever worn my hair.

Hugs to all


Gypsy said...

Very nice hair cut & style, Ginger.


Anonymous said...

Howard was touched that you thought of him when you saw the dead tree! I think your hair looks great! Love it!

Ellie and Jim said...

Very nice hair style Ginger....It looks great on you....Hugs & we'll see you in Kerrville :)...Jim & Ellie

Leno said...

I love the new hairdo. Looks really nice on you..

Unknown said...

Looks like we all like your new hair cut. You have a way to go before it is as short as mine but that's okay. That wind finally got to you huh! Lynda

Doug & JoAnn said...

Ginger, you're new hairstyle looks great! JoAnn

dreamjosie said...

I've been waiting for pictures of the new "do". It looks great. Quite youthful. You look beautiful. Good choice.


Speedy said...

Hey you look good girl! Love the way it is fixed.