Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thurs/Fri, February 19/20 – USA Block Party


Thursday we completed our consolidation of the CD and DVD storage.

Remember this was the before

image This is the after

DSC00124 We took all the CD/DVD’s out of the boxes and put them in paper sleeves and put them in these small crates



It freed lots of space. Next we will number them all and put in a spreadsheet so that we can find them easily.

We spent most of the day just working on the above and I started to work on our new valances. I spent most of the morning learning how to use my electronic sewing machine.

I had two machines, one was a very old Singer machine that I have used for years. About 5-6 years ago Jesse got me a new machine with lots of fancy things on it, but I never really used it. I always used the old one because I knew how.

When we decided on this lifestyle I could only bring one, so I chose the new light weight Brother machine.

On Friday I worked on the valances again and have three done. I think I am going to like the look.

We went to a USA block party. Here are a few pictures of the 100 plus participants.

DSC00082 DSC00091 Lots of food to share

DSC00090 Some line dancing



After returning home we relaxed and watched TV.

Another great day in the RGV. We will not be having too many more because we will be leaving in just a little over a week.

Hugs to all

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