Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 21 – The gang meet Steve and Cathy


Today started with Marilyn and I walking with the guys at 7am. We walked just over 3 miles and it felt good to be out in the early morning.

After, Jesse and I took the boys to the dog park to run around and they did have a good time with the other dogs. The grounds person was there and turned on the sprinklers so he could adjust them. Needless to say the boys got wet.

So, when we got back home we sat outside with them, having our coffee while they dried.

Afterwards we got some breakfast, Jesse had cereal, I had yogurt.

We were then on to our chores for the day. Jesse cut the wood to make the brace for the supports he purchased. See picture


It helps to eliminate the bouncing when walking through RV.

I was cooking and straighten up the Kram-a-lot.

I made brownies with craisans and a 7 layer dip to take to the cocktail party Ed and Marilyn were having later today.

We had a little lunch and took showers and got ready to walk up for the party. The main reason for the party today, was for the gang to meet Cathy and Steve who are very nice folks visiting from MO.

Everyone brought something to share. We had chili, corn chowder, deviled eggs, ham roll-ups, bean salad, 7 layer dip and chips, french bread and brownies. Drinks also were consumed.

We sat in a circle and laughed, swapped stories, and enjoyed being each other.  We sat until it was just too cool to sit outside any longer. We all went to our home on wheels.

A short while after we were home we heard Ed’s truck out front and Marilyn and Cathy were at the door. Cathy wanted to meet the boys. They of course loved the attention and gave kisses to show their appreciation.

Jesse and I settled in for the rest of the night, watching TV and computering.

Tomorrow we are going to a Fiesta in Mexico. It should be a great time.

Sorry no pictures, left the camera at home. But you can go to Ed’s blog for pictures.

Hugs to all!

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Speedy said...

OK now I have to read your journal and go to Ed's for pictures...LOL I read them all anyway and really enjoy different sides to the same story. You can't stretch the truth here cause I compare stories to be sure you are on the up and up. LOL

Joe and Sherri