Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, January 23 – The Beach


Ed wants me to post my journal everyday, but as our social director, Ed keeps me too busy to post. So this is Sunday morning and I will attempt to catch up.

We left at 10am for South Padre Island. We Jesse, Bayer, Buddy, Mr. B and I followed Ed, Marilyn, Steve and Cathy. Marilyn was still not feeling very well, but she was a real trooper.

Our first stop was the shell store. It is a huge store full of all kinds of shells. Here are the hermit crabs in shells.

DSC04016After about 40 minutes we all loaded back into the trucks and headed to Dirty Al’s. We were meeting Ted, Sue, Dan and Pat there for lunch at noon.

Ted, Sue and Cathy

DSC04028  Ed and MarilynDSC04026 Us

DSC04027 Steve, Pat and Dan

DSC04029Everyone enjoyed their lunch and we especially enjoyed the company, there was much laughter, eating and drinking.

We got the boys out of the truck and walked around the marina, then on to the beach. We paid our $3 put the truck in 4 wheel drive, and followed Ed on the beach. 


There were many cars and some RV on the beach. Some RV’s looked like they had been there quite awhile.

We were able to let the boys run free on the beach and they loved it, although they all avoided the water.


All of us also enjoyed the beach, we waded in the water, and picked up shells. Cathy wanted to take some home to her grandchildren.



After a bit of time we decided to dust the sand off and drive down the beach more and guess who we saw sunning on the beach?


We stopped to say hello and visit, then we were back on our way again.

On the way home we stopped at the seafood market and got some shrimp and scallops to take home. Ed got some oysters some he could make stew.

Here are a few more pictures and one of the lighthouse.

DSC04063 DSC04062 DSC04064

Once we got home Jesse and I got showers, had some more taco soup for dinner, and just watched movies until bed.

It was a GREAT day and lots of FUN !!!

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