Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, January 24 – A feet day

Today we were going to Mexico again. We started the day at the Rec center with breakfast at 8am. after breakfast our director allowed us to go home and tend to the boys, then we were off to Progreso, Mexico.

Our 1st stop after paying our $2.00 parking and 25 cent entrance fee was Dania’s Beauty Salon. We were all getting pedicures. (By the way on our return from Mexico on Thursday we received our passports in the mail !!!)

Marilyn and I were 1st.

DSC04067 Then the guys joined in. Jesse was being a party pooper

DSC04070 Then he saw how much we were enjoying ourselves, he decided to try it.

You can see how much he enjoyed it. He was being such a baby.

DSC04082 Haman feet complete with designs on the big toe


Marilyn’s feet


We all had such a good time talking and laughing, my side hurt from so much laughing.

Once all the pampering was done we met the rest of the gang at Red Snapper for lunch.


After lunch we walked the streets and shopped. It was very crowded with all the “Winter Texan’s” down here. Here in RGV we are known as “Winter Texan’s” not snowbirds.

Once everyone made all their purchases we made our way back to the USA paying our 30 cents to enter and showing our passports. Back at Llano I walked the boys and we had about one and a half hours before we were to meet at E & M’s at 4pm for cocktails.

During that time the weather turned very cool and windy. Jesse and I didn’t want to sit outside so I tried to call Ed to make an alternative plan.

I could not get him on the phone, so we rode down there. He had not turned his phone back on from the Mexico trip. We turn our phones off, so we are not tempted to use them while over there because it is so expensive.

They invited us in and we waited for Cathy and Steve. The agreed upon alternative plan was to go to Ci-Ci's Pizza buffet then to the card room to play Sequence.

The pizza was good, the restaurant was in need of some cleaning. They only had one bus boys and many, many dirty tables. Ed insisted on picking up the tab, thank you very, very much.

We played 5 games and the guys won 3 to 2, but we had a good time. Look how many cards Ed has, now you know why they won. You are only suppose to have 5 cards.



At about 8:00 we said goodnight and went home for the night. Jesse and I flipped channels until we came upon “The Deer Hunter”. We hadn’t seen this in a very long time, but we just couldn’t stay awake to finish watching it.

Today we are to meet the gang for lunch at Cheddars in McAllen.

Until then be safe and hugs to all.

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