Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, January 25 – Bit of confusion

I am starting this by copying from someone's blog entry. I sure hope he doesn’t mind but I have found this to be so very true -

Nick Russell writes several blogs and I read this from his journal the other day:

“I think the fulltime RV lifestyle attracts vibrant, active people who have a love of adventure and a zest for life that mere years on a calendar can never slow down. Hang around an RV park in snowbird country and you’ll see people in their late 60s and 70s out riding bicycles, kayaking, swimming, playing tennis, and involved in tons of other activities.

Sit and visit with them at happy hour and their conversations are full of interesting opinions and information, and plenty of laughs. You’ll hear them talking about their RV trips to Alaska, fishing the Gulf Coast, or building houses for Habitat for Humanity. But you’d have to work hard to hear anyone complaining about their aches and pains, or sharing all of the details of their latest surgical procedure.

There may be a few lines on the faces and gray in the hair, but these people are young at heart! Much too young to relegate themselves to a retirement community and a life of staring at the boob tube.

I think as long as someone has the physical ability to handle the tasks of hooking up and unhooking their utilities at a campground and the other hands-on aspects of the RV lifestyle; as long as they are mentally sharp, and their vision and hearing make them safe behind the wheel, there is no reason to hang up the keys based upon a chronological date.

As long as you’re capable, and it’s still fun, keep those wheels rolling. Because if you slow down, old age might just creep up and grab you!”

Well today started like any other Sunday. While we were doing our routine the wild Parrots came by our place. You can’t see them too good, but that’s what they are and they are very noisy.



The new plan for today was to meet the gang at Cheddars. It’s a new place in McAllen. They were very busy and when we got there Ed already had our name on the list. They have this very interesting fan, here take a look:


Then come to find out part of our group already had a table and the management was telling them they could only hold it for 10 more minutes. Thanks to Dan looking for us we all met up and all was good again.




We had a very good well priced meal, with good friends and lots of laughter.

Here is a picture of our toes from the other day - white shoe is Marilyn (left)– Dark brown is Cathy (right)– and the other is me. (center)


Afterward Jesse and I went to the bank, Petco and Camping World before returning home.

I continued the laundry I started before we left, while Jesse walked the boys. I went down to Irene’s to see how her farm tour went on Friday. She enjoyed it, but said it was too long of a day.

We relaxed for the rest of the day watching TV and movies. We grilled a hot dog for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Hugs to all until we see ya down the road.

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Speedy said... Jesse in the white shoes are is that Ed's feet? Tell him I really like the new look. I have a dress he can use if need be.

Joe and Sherri