Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 15 – Busy, busy, busy


We awoke to an overcast 60 degree day. Jesse walked the boys, while I made the bed. When he got back he was off again to walk with Heinz, Ed and Carl.

I got dressed and made coffee while he was gone. He returned and we had a cup together, then I left for my walk with Marilyn.  He was not going to be there when I returned because he was going to the ball field with Ed to watch a softball game.

Once I was back I got another cup of coffee and sat down to read and write blogs. Within 10 minutes Jesse was calling me to find out if I wanted to go to Mingo’s for breakfast.

It was sprinkling and the game was cancelled or postponed, or something like that, anyway my answer was SURE!

They picked me and Marilyn up and we had a very nice breakfast and conversation.

By the time we got back to the RV it was close to 11:00. I got everything set up to bathe Buddy, then Mr. B. Because it was still sprinkling out we decided to try grooming them indoors. We figured if Ellie could, we could too.

I spread out the sheet I use when coloring my hair in the middle of the living room floor, set the table up and started with Bayer.

Then we were on to Buddy and Finally Mr. B. They all turned out much better this time.

Since it is almost impossible to get them in a picture together here they are.




After we finished cleaning up the Kram-a-lot we took our showers and walked the boys down to show “Aunt Marilyn” how pretty the boys looked.

I also wanted to stop by and see how Juanita and Gordon were making out in their new home and offer my help.

By this time it was 3:00. The days go by so fast, I just can’t believe how fast. Ed invited us to join them at Dan and Pat’s for happy hour so at 4:00 we took a bottle of our South Dakota wine and walked over to join in.

The conversation was about the “FREEDOM” this lifestyle allows you. We had no plans for this day, but have been busy all day doing what we wanted just by the spare of the moment decision.

And here come another one. I had taken out some burgers to defrost for dinner, but while at happy hour they invited us to join them at a Chinese buffet in Weslaco. Well Jesse heard Chinese and that was all it took, off we went.

We all piled in Dan’s truck and had a very good all you can eat meal and dessert for $9.00 a person. 

After being dropped back at the rig we walked the boys and sat down for our TV watching.

It was a FUN busy day in the RGV!!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow hold for us.

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