Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 23 - A week in One (Kerrville, TX)


Friday 10/17

Marian and I went to the movies to see “The Best of Me”.


We enjoyed it very much and it was good we left the guys at home as they would not have liked it very much.

When we returned to the park we sat out and enjoyed happy hour.


Saturday 10/18

We hung out at home most of the day.

Jesse worked on changing out the plastic hose for the ice maker. He replaced it with braded water line. He had some real challenges getting it to go through the slide out wall, but he finally got it.Hopefully we will have no more water leaks.

Around 4:00 we rode to Dickey’s Bar-B-Q for some dinner. It was good food and great company.

We returned to our fur babies and walked them and played with them.

Around 5:30 we headed to Fredericksburg. We had reservations for the Rockbox Theater for the 8:00 show.

The guys made sure we arrived in enough time to stop at the ice cream store for a sweet treat before the show.

The show tonight was George & Friends.


George Strait


Alan Jackson


Patsy Cline


Tina Turner

It was a good show we all enjoyed!


Sunday 10/19

We met M&M at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Jesse and I stopped at Lowes so he could purchase some caulk for the water line.

We spent the remaining part of the day just hanging out at home watching movies.


Monday 10/20

Marian and I left the park about 9:45 and drove to San Antonio for a girls day out shopping. We went to Kirkland, Babies R Us, Petsmart, Home Goods, T J Maxx, DSW and Dollar Tree.

For lunch we went to Red Robin. It was a wonderful day of shopping and fun.

Girls Rock

Tuesday 10/21

The repair guy came early and repaired our dryer. It now works great with a timer and buzzer when it is finished.

After they left we showered and we all headed to Fredericksburg for the day.

We were all ready for lunch when we arrived.  We went to Wheelers and we enjoyed our food.

The guys went to The National Museum of the Pacific War Museum. They said they have lots more knowledge and wanted to share, but we declined hearing about it.

Now what are we going to do while the guys are off learning?  Oh Shopping!


We went in and out of many of the shops. Marian purchased a few things and we both found something at Rustling Robs.


Wednesday 10/22

We decided to go to dinner at Lakehouse Restaurant so M&M could get catfish and Marian wouldn’t have to cook night before leaving. Jesse and I ordered another meal and we enjoyed the company.


Thursday 10/23

Mike, Marian and Tre left the park around 8:30 am. We we there to see them off and bid them safe travels. They will be meeting other friends in New Orleans for some food and fun.


On the road again

Jesse and I got cleaned up then went to Walmart to shop.

The rest of the day was spent just staying at home.

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