Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, December 17 – Gray Day

It was very gray, foggy and drizzled most of the day. We went out in the morning to the post office and stopped by the local grocery store to see if they had whole bean coffee, they didn’t. We have been unable to find whole bean coffee here yet.

Once back home we watched the TV movie about the girl who had a baby in the Wal*Mart. I had read the book, but never seen the movie, I enjoyed it.

I did all the laundry in my washer/dryer, and it came out pretty good. It still shakes the rig quite a lot during the spin cycle.

We walked the boys in the drizzle, which is not at all fun. They get all wet and muddy and it’s just not fun.

At our 3:30 walking we walked up to E&M Mobile Suite 5th wheel to find out what time we needed to be ready tomorrow and they decided to walk with us, so we all walked around together.

We are going to South Padre Island, it’s suppose to be 80 tomorrow and partly cloudy. I can hardly wait.

See ya down the road

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