Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, December 2nd - Short Drive

The boys woke us around 5am; we let them climb up into bed with us, which gave us another hour in the bed. At 6am I got up started coffee and walked the boys, while Jesse stayed home.

We were in no hurry to leave so we both sat and had our coffee and read blogs. After awhile I made us a breakfast of scrambled eggs, corned beef hash and biscuits.

We dressed and packed up to leave. Jesse aired up the spare tire he changed yesterday and noticed the valve leaks. We will have that repaired along with purchasing a new tire to replace the one that blew out yesterday.

I walked the boys one more time then we all climbed into the truck and pulled out at 11:15am. We drove 123 miles for the short trip to Amarillo. We are staying at Oasis RV Resort. It is a very nice park, the fees for full hook-ups with WiFi and Cable for $25.00 per night.

We arrived at 2:45pm as we are now in central time zone. We got set up and I did two loads of laundry at their facilities which by the way are FREE. We also took showers, Jesse went to the bath house. He said it was clean, but took a long time to get hot water. We went to town for some food. We went to Red Robin for a sandwich then back home again.

I am suppose to go and get my drivers license tomorrow, so until then stay safe, and we will
see ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

Which way are you headed from there. Be safe and post often so I can enjoy the adventure with you. Sherri will be back tomorrow night and we have to pull out of here and go up to Funtime RV to get the converter replaced...this will be the third one for this unit?? Hope it is the last one!

Joe and Sherri