Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday December 11 – Decorating and Cleaning

We had no plans for today, but after getting caught in our sweats yesterday, we decided to get dressed 1st thing so that wouldn’t happen again.

Jesse and I got out the totes with Christmas decoration. While we were at Wal*Mart yesterday we bought a 3’ pre lit tree for $18.

Then Ed called, he wanted Jesse to go into town with him to get a tire fixed on Marilyn’s bike. He also took him to the propane place to get one of our tanks filled. Our 30# tank cost $15 to fill.

When they returned the boys and I walked up to Marilyn and Ed’s with Jesse and he was going to help Ed adjust Marilyn’s bike.

I visited for a short while, then the boys and I came home and started decorating. When Jesse returned he wanted to go into Harlingen, a near by town, that had a bike shop.

I didn’t want to go so he went alone and I continued cleaning and decorating. I also started the red sauce in the crock pot for dinner.

When he returned he had a bike for him and me. He ended up getting them at Target. Mine is PINK, (I hate PINK) but the bike is nice and it’s the only color it came in.

We sat outside for a short while then went we rode our bikes around the park. We stopped and Ed and Marilyn to show off our new modes of transportation.

More friend had just arrived Dan and Pat, so we stopped by to say hello and meet them. They had a new rig and we got a tour. It is beautiful and the kitchen is to die for. Lots of room with a island and dish washer. We were happy to meet them and look forward to getting to know them better in the next few months.

Once back at the rig a made a salad and cooked some pasta to go with the sauce and we had dinner.

Everything cleaned up and the boys walked we settled down for our Thursday night TV shows.

A great day in the Valley!

See ya!! down the road.

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