Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 12-Jesse Goes to Mexico

Today I along with 14 of our group went on a bike ride to Cuidad Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Mexico.

The group

We piled our bikes into Ed’s and Carl’s trucks and drove to Los Ebanos, Texas. We rode our bikes through the U.S. border station to the river ferry and took the ferry to Mexico.



Being I don’t have a passport and not wanting to reside in Mexico, I made sure I could return to the U.S. with just my driver’s license and birth certificate. Border patrol gave me the ok. Ginger is still waiting for her permanent TX license to arrive and without a picture ID she would have to sit out this trip :~(.

The ride from Llano Grande was longer than I expected, about 45 miles. The bike ride from the border to the town was about 3 kilometers.

We rode to the restaurant where we would have lunch to let them know we were coming and they said to return at 11:30 and they would be ready for us.DSC03397

We casually rode around the town just observing the sites, sounds, and smells until time for our reservation.DSC03403

After a very nice lunch and a few cerveza we headed back to the border.


The ferry loads 3 cars and as many pedestrians and bicyclists as they can for each trip. Not sure what the cars are charged but we had to pay a buck each way per person. While waiting at the border to return to the U.S. we spotted some illegal's entering via a raft.


We all had a great time with great friends. Here are a few more pix of our adventures.



DSC03417 DSC03412

Another great day in the Valley. Hope to see ya down the road, on this side of the border.

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