Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, December 6 - Another Travel Day

It's Saturday and in our old life (a week ago) we looked forward to the beginning of the weekend, now every day is like the weekend!!!!

We left Tye TX, near Abilene at 9:15am. The day started with me looking at the direction wrong and we drove about 15-20 miles out of our way before I realized my mistake. Jesse with his excellent sense of direction, our map, and Miss Money Penny (GPS) had us back on the right path with a short while.

We drove 280 miles and arrived at Braunig Lake RV Resort in San Antonio at 3:20pm. It's a Passport America unlimited stay park. The temp was 70 degrees. We were both so happy to have warmer temperatures. While I was setting up the inside I opened the windows and let the fresh air in, it was wonderful. Finally warmer temps!!!!

We stopped for lunch at KFC along the way and made a few other potty stops. This seems to be a very nice park; I will take some pictures later today.

Neither of us was very hungry, so we decided to just raid the fridge and pantry for something to eat later. We ended up with chips, salsa and cheese. I also baked some cookies for dessert.

I forgot to tell you about the cotton fields we saw. We saw miles and miles of cotton fields between Amarillo and Abilene on Thursday. Neither of us knew they harvest cotton in Texas. Most of the fields were already harvested, but a few were being “picked” when we drove by. They are “picked” by a machine that was being pulled by a tracker.

It was a very nice day and we look forward to having many, many more.

See ya down the road.


Speedy said...

You two sound so much like Sherri and I. Salsa cheese and chips for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for desert!!! Oh to die for. I did not know that you too were health nuts like Sherri and I. We will have to have some cookouts together when we meet up. Be safe out there and keep the post coming.

Joe and Sherri

Al Viscardi said...

Welcome to Texas you guys!
We have been in New Braunfels since Nov 10. Enjoy!
Al Viscardi