Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, May 5 – Just hung out


It was not raining went we woke this morning!!

I made breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast.

Jesse fixed the washer/dryer door. The screw holes were stripped, so he drilled a new hole in the hinge and screwed it tight. It is working just fine.

I have been doing laundry and we have been just hanging out computering and watching TV.

It started to rain again just as Jesse grilled himself some hamburgers for dinner. I had leftover chicken and I made a salad.

It was still raining when we went to bed. I sure hope the rain is over by Saturday for the wedding, which is outside!

Today’s pictures are from the other day, while we were awaiting our guests we saw 3 generation on their scooters. The older gentleman said he was 83. Looks like fun!

DSC01047 Stay Safe!


Speedy said...

Well I hope that when I am 83 I can ride a scooter...and still be RVing.

Unknown said...

It's raining here today in WA also. Lynda and Bob