Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 9 - MRI Done!

Jesse had his MRI yesterday, no results yet. They had to give him quite a lot of meds to knock him out so he could lay flat and be strapped down to do the test. The doctor administering the meds said his blood pressure was very high (probably from the pain) and that he didn’t think his doctor was managing his pain well enough. Jesse was out for most of the night, couldn’t keep his eyes open, but at least he slept through the night.

I made us pasta leftovers for dinner and he managed to stay awake and eat.

After I got the dishes cleaned up Mike the auctioneer brought me boxes and tables so I could start to set things up for the auction.

I watched Biggest Loser and Criminal Minds on TV while Jesse slept in the chair, then we were off to bed.

See ya down the road


Speedy said...

You just have to let us know how the auction comes out. I have never been involved in that. I bet you are excited about it. I am so sorry to hear about Jesse and all the pain he is going through. Tell him Sherri and I are thinking about him. Jesse get better!!!!

Joe and Sherri

Bob and Molly said...

We're sorry to hear Jesse is suffering so much and sure hope he gets some relief soon. Best of luck to you with your auction...know it's a lot of work, but sure it will be worth it for you. See you on the road and stay in touch!
Molly & Bob