Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, October 29 - Three day journal

Be sure to read the two other posts to be caught up to date.

Monday morning we were up and relaxing in front of computers. I had not read any blogs since Thursday of last week. I can’t remember what I made us for breakfast, maybe just cereal.

Then we got busy. We have hardwood floors throughout the living spaces-Living room, family room, kitchen, dining room and hall way. They needed to be dust mopped and wet mopped. We started this task.

Jesse has been feeling a little better and was able to help me get the floors done. Then it was on to the two spare rooms. We straighten up the totes and boxes in them, they have all the stuff we are keeping. I unpacked a little, but I just couldn’t go through anymore boxes yet. I cleaned the kitchen after that and we called it good.

During the cleaning time I also was making chicken corn soup for dinner and getting all the laundry caught up. I also made cornbread to go with the soup.

I had to go to the store for groceries, so I got cleaned up and about 3:00pm I was off, Jesse stayed home to watch the soup and get himself cleaned up.

After I got back and put everything away I relaxed for a while until dinner. I had also baked a cake for dessert. I found a recipe for a pear cake, using a can of pears and a box cake mix. It turned out pretty good.

Tuesday – Wednesday
It was back to work. The only note worthy happening was Bayer’s appointment with the vet.

While I had him in last week I mentioned his increasing bad breath. The vet said he had an abscessed tooth and needed a good cleaning. His appointment was Wednesday at 8:00. I took him to work with me, then over to the vets when it was time and dropped him off. They have to put them to sleep to do the dental work and I was a little concerned. They called me to let me to get permission to pull the tooth (The vet had warned me it may have to come out) and that he was doing fine under the anesthesia.

When they called to say he was ready to go home around 12:30, they informed me that they actually pulled 6 teeth. I was concerned how he would eat and they assured me he would have no problems. He is on can food for a few days and antibiotics, but he seems to be fine and having no discomfort at all.

Once we were home and had our dinner of leftover soup and cornbread we watched TV until time for sleeping and dreaming of see everyone down the road.


Speedy said...

Have you had any bites on your house? Seems like a real nice place...surely someone would love you get a lot of exposure with the agent you have? Are you still persuing the rental aspect? So many questions sorry just wondering how things were going.

Joe and Sherri

Unknown said...

Oh my - only Ginger would bake a cake in addition to all this hard work! Amazing! Hmmm I wonder if they have doggie dentists in Mexico? :-) Good luck on buying your bed! Bob and Lynda