Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, October 17 - Half work day

Today I will only work ½ day then go to the house to continue to get things ready for the auction next week.

I still have a lot to get ready. We have been asked what will we sit and sleep on once we sell everything? We are bringing the furniture in from the Kram-a-lot to use. We are keeping our card table and 4 folding chairs for now. (I am sure one of the children will want them once we head out).

We hope the sofa sleeper will be comfortable to sleep on. We will try to put the mattress from the 5er bed on it if need be. If this will not work we may purchase an inexpensive mattress and box spring to use.

The house will be quite empty, but we will be ready should anyone want to rent or purchase the house.

We have not been doing anything more than the usual .. going to work .. coming home to the boys and having dinner. After which we relaxed in front of the big screen until time for bed, only to get up and do the same the next day. (Boring)

Until we can see ya down the road.


Gordon Pierce said...

Hi Ginger and Jesse,

We sure hope to move your website from our "Part-timers" favorites to "Full timers" favorites soon! :-)

I am enjoying your blog and certainly look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.

Good luck on the auction.

Gordon and Juanita
Currently in Moab, UT

Unknown said...

Re the mattress. If your 5er mattress isn't very comfortable, instead of buying an 'inexpensive' LOL have you ever found an inexpensive mattress--- get one for the 5er that's more comfortable. I will let you know about the air bed I ordered and expect to get Tuesday. You should be taking photos of this process. :-) Anxious to hear about Jesse's back! Sleeper sofa and bad back hmmmmm not a good fit! Bob and Lynda

Tumbleweed Dee said...

It looks like you're making progress. It will be interesting following your blog as things take shape. We're not far behind.