Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, September 20 - Too windy to fish


When I got out of bed Jesse and Gene was sitting in our living room.

It was way to windy to go out on the boat, so we were just going to hang out today. We sat there for a while watching the history channel and talking.

Gene's BIL Pete had come down last night and had going crabbing near by, off a bridge, so Gene and Jesse decided to take a ride down to see how things were going.

Debbie was ready to drive back home, so I said good-bye to her.

After the guys left I made lunch for us..

Then I took my shower and got cleaned up. Just as I was finished they returned and we had lunch...

Chicken salad sandwich, UTZ chips and watermelon.

Afterwards Gene went to his place for a nap and Jesse napped in his chair.

I made some calls and made reservation for when we leave here on Wednesday. I also ordered our mail.

None of us wanted to make dinner so we decided to go down the road to a restaurant for dinner. When we returned Pete and Gene steamed the crabs Pete had caught. I was too full to eat crabs, so I left the guys and came home to be with the boys and watch TV.

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