Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, October 1 - Dog Walker Found for our Boys (Liberty, KS)


Today started off slow. We both sat with our computers for a long while this morning enjoying our coffee and watching the food channel.

We finally got up and got dressed and decided to go into town for breakfast and to see what the “Re-enactment of the Dalton Gang called Defenders Day” was all about. As we were leaving the park we saw Barb and Bob at another rig and was waving us to come over. We stopped and they introduced us to Kay and Ed.  Kay has agreed to walk our boys for us while we work 10 hours a day.


dog walking


After talking a while Jesse and I took off for town. We stopped for breakfast at Eggberts. Then we walked around the town. They had a craft fair that was not too swift. Jesse walk around and looked at the classic cars.


Then we took the truck to a self car wash to get some of the dirt off.  We dropped the movies back to Walmart and picked up a few things that we forgot yesterday.


After we got home Jesse drove over to get Kay so see could meet the boys. She stayed awhile so the boys could get used to her. We have orientation tomorrow starting at 8:30am.

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