Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, November 5 - Just Hanging Out (Liberty, KS)


We are still hanging here in Coffeyville. Not much going on. We have completed week 5 and only have 7 weeks left. The work is tedious and long but the days go by fast.

Last Saturday evening they had a workamper get together at the local Pizza Hut. The party room was reserved for 6pm and when we got there with Barb and Bob at 10 minutes till there were no seats left. We decided to just get a booth and invited another couple looking for seats to join us. I don’t think they were expecting so many workampers to show up because we over ran the place with well over a hundred of us. Anyway the pizza was good as was the company and we had a nice evening.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit slow at Amazon. Sunday they sent the whole shift home 2 1/2 hours early and told us to come in 2 hours late on Monday. Then on Monday they asked if anyone wanted voluntary time off for Tuesday and or Wednesday, Ginger took Wednesday but I stuck it out for the whole week.

Amazon still has 2 more groups starting and “peak season” will break out here any day. They say there won’t be much warning when we will start receiving over a million units per day. Of course I don’t know what a normal amount per day is so I have nothing for comparison.

I have never been a fan of the day/night shades in most of the RVs and neither of us have been a fan of the clunky window treatments with the valances and lambrequins. So after many discussions we ditched the lambrequins and Ginger is going to make curtain side panels as a replacement. We also ordered 1 inch faux wood mini blinds from to replace the day/night shades. The blinds are supposed to be in today and we post will some photos after the job is completed.

We took Mr. B to the vet’s last week. He can’t or won’t hold his pee-pee for more then about 2 hours. We are just sitting here and he squats to pee right in front of us. We thought he may have an infection….But the vet says no infection. We ordered him a crate and will have to crate him again.

We took Buddy to get groomed yesterday and he looks good.

That’s about all for now. Take care everyone!


Leno said...

Can't wait to see the window treatments. I don't like what we have either..

Tom and Marci said...

I'll be doing my part to ramp up your workload pretty soon . . . I've got three $100 Amazon gift cards to spend . . . Christmas shopping!!

Bob and Lynda said...

What a surprise to see Chuck (Kathy wasn't feeling well)as a new resident of Jojoba!
BTW - your location still shows you in CO.
Looking forward to seeing your new window treatments.