Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 8 - Only Gringos (Mercedes, TX)


Thought I would let you know what has happened since Sunday. NOTHING! The weather has been cold, cloudy and very wet.


We did nothing on Monday but hang out at home. The only time we went out was to walk the boys, who also dislike this weather.

On Tuesday Bob and Janet picked Ed and Marilyn up at the airport and we met them at Lins buffet. We enjoyed getting caught up and had lots of laughs. The food was good but Jesse and I both commented that we thought it was better when we were here 2 years ago.

Yesterday Jesse and I had an appointment to have our eye exam, it was attached to Walmart. We walked in the there was about 18-20 people sitting. We walked to the counter and I asked if the doctor was running late and he told us about 30 minutes. We were given paperwork to fill out and we had to stand at the counter and fill them out because there were no seats.

Looking around we were the only Gringos in the place. Even the aids and doctor was Hispanic.

We got called in to see the doctor one hour past our scheduled time.

We both feel like we got a good exam certainly much better then the one we got 2 years ago in Mexico.

Afterward we did a little shopping in Walmart then went home for the evening.

The weather continues to be wet and it is suppose to be that way through this week.


Speedy said...

Well now you can see when you go to Walmart. I need to my eyes checked but then I might see more things that need to get done...

Joe and Sherri

Anonymous said...

I know posting to this blog could get to be a big hassle but I just want to thank you for posting anyway!! I really enjoy reading it and I appreciate the hard work that goes into posting. Hope you don't stop!