Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 12 - Leaving Mercedes - Rockport/Aransas Pass, TX


We traveled from Mercedes, TX to Rockport/Aransas Pass, TX. It was 174 miles and we arrived at 1:30.

We had lots of activity during our last days at Llano.

Our group spent one day in Mexico.

We had dinner at Irene and Heinz’s. They made pulled pork with cold slaw and potato salad.


It was yummy and we had lots of laughs.

We had happy hour most days at different sites.


We had dinner one night at Pam and Hank’s..Pam made lasagna and salad and it was very yummy. All eight of us ate inside her motor home and we all had plenty of room because it was very spacious.

We spent another day in South Padre Island. We was so much fun. We met 2 new couples that Ed knows at Dirty Al’s for lunch.


Then the bunch of us went to the beach. It was a Sunday and the beach was crowded with family’s. It was fun watching the family’s have a good time.


We had a hot dog roast at Ed and Marilyn’s and then the plan was to go to the rodeo, but it was too cold so we went to the library and played games again.

Five of us went to the rodeo the next day. Janet stayed home. The Ranch Rodeo is where teams of four or five cowboys from different ranches in the area, compete in rodeo events, and it is fun to watch.

When we got home this is what was waiting for us.


Janet stayed home to make this delicious cherry pie that she shared with us along with ice cream. It was so good and we really appreciated her time in making it.

Everyone came by to wish us safe travels pictures were taken.

Good-bye picture


Bob Janet said...

Jesse missed out today, we only went cause we new you would have enjoyed. Take notes at Rockport we may want to visit someday.

John and Carol said...

It sure looks like you had a great day. I like the way you run the photos of the food across your blog. How do you do that?

Speedy said...

Are you staying in Rockport for some time? Where are you staying there? Please post some pictures and let us know what is going on...

Joe and Sherri