Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 27 - It’s been awhile (Freedland, MD)


I know most of you are really glad I don’t write the mundane things we have been doing on a day to day basis.

We have been having much fun spending time with our families and getting some things done.

We have not had our satellite because of being in the east…something to do with the east/west dishes.  Yesterday we were in York getting a new handle to our refrigerator which I broke and came across a Dish dealer. Jesse went in to talk to the guys and came out with a another dish for the east. When we came home he still was not able to get a signal.

I have made the curtains for the windows and we purchased new tables and a rug for the living room area. We both are very happy with the way the RV is looking.

Before - With Sondra and Madison visiting


After – With Mitchell and Margaret visiting


With new end tables


New rug and the Boys


We spent Passover with the family at Sondra’s. As always she made a delicious dinner for the Seder and we enjoyed being among the family.


We spent the Easter weekend on the Eastern Shore with my brother and family. We all went to Brian and Shannon’s in Delaware for Easter dinner which was great! We had the tradition egg hut for the girls and dyed eggs later in the day.


We have been to Mitch and Margaret’s to play Double Dominos and let the fur cousins play. It’s always so much fun!


We spend a very nice evening with my nephew Rob (aka BJ) and Sara.


Over all the last almost month has gone by fast and we look forward to the next few weeks we have left here before traveling to Colorado for the summer.

Here’s just a few more pictures:


Hugs to all


Tumbleweed Dee said...

It's good to hear from you. We can't wait for the fun this summer with you two.

Speedy said...

Well if I waited to post when I had something exciting to write about no one would ever hear from me.

Joe and Sherri

kay and Ed Rollins said...

Hello! Nice to see an update as I missed it. We are going to Silverton CO for June where will you be? It is so hot here in Texas I am ready to go now but have some things to do before going. Kay maples

Sunny said...

Time with family and friends is never wasted. Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves. I hadn't read your blog since you were just ending up with the Amazon (?) thing before Christmas. But then I had alot going on too. I'll be watching to see when you go to Colorado. I will be staying put for a while here in PA.