Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

June 1, 2015 - Winter in Mission, TX 2014/2015 – Mountaindale (Colorado Springs, CO)

I have been thinking about catching up this blog for some time now. Our friends Bob and Janet are writing again as they are taking a trip with their grandchildren to Florida and it made me want to even more.
So here I go:
We left Kerrville back in October and headed to Mission TX for the winter 2014/2015.

We arrived and got set up in our site for the next 5 months.

I was working in the office taking reservation and welcoming all the winter Texans. Jesse was doing this all winter, as he was not working, just staying home being a house husband.

Now I have to give him a lot of credit because he did all the cleaning, helped with laundry, and walked our Bella girl.

Soon Bob and Janet  & Ed and Marilyn  arrived and we planned a gathering at our place for the Misfits.

And the fun began
Visiting with Roger, Joyce, Lily and Hersey

We celebrated my birthday at our favorite Japanese Restaurant

Mike, Marian, Chuck and Coletta
Roger and Joyce

Ed and Marilyn

We had a wonderful delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our gathering.

We spent Christmas Eve with Mike, Marian, Ed and Marilyn

We also celebrated Jesse and Sondra’s birthdays, while she visited with us. It was cold and rainy during her visit so we had everyone in our rig. Surprisingly we were pretty comfortable with all the gang. We were missing Janet because she was back in Missouri taking care of her Mom. We were blessed to have our friends from Canada Trent and Theresa visit during this time.

Marian, Sondra, Trent, Theresa, Bob, Marilyn and Jan



We had a good winter with our friends in spite of the cool and wet weather.
There was lots of visitors:
Ed and Marilyn’s daughter Jennifer and grandchildren Colby and Lauren - Jesse’s sister Sondra –
Janet’s Sister and BIL Monty and Nancy -
Friends: Trent and Theresa,
Ed and Jan, Steve and Cathy.
We left Mission April 1st and headed to Oklahoma for some warranty work on our rig.
More soon..Until then

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Fred Wishnie said...

Tough winter Jesse, having to walk Bella every day. :-)