Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, September 28, 2015 - A day of mostly rest (Indian Creek, MO)

This morning we just sat around with our usual activities. 

I made breakfast of corned beef hash, eggs, and toast.

Then we got busy and gave the inside of the RV a good cleaning, which didn't take too long.

Then we took Bella for a walk around our loop and decided to take a drive to see the other area's of the park.

The marina and boat launch.

We were sitting outside when B&J returned from their errand in town. We grabbed some chairs and sat with us on our patio. We talked about everything and then had pie and ice cream.

Bella loves to sniff around and chew on twigs. The leaves stick to her face hair and she looks a mess, but still cute!

It was getting late so we said goodnight and went to our own rigs. 

Shortly after that I heard voices and looked outside and found Steve and Cathy.

I grabbed some chairs and then went over to let B&J know that we had company. They came back over and we sat visiting and getting caught up until darkness came.

 We all said goodnight again and went back into our rig for the night.


Lady Dyna Ryder said...

Just the kind of days needed to help unwind once in a while!!! Bella is so cute!

Unknown said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing!!