Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, May 20 – Travel day


Today we were up at 6am. I made the bed and Jesse brought me the new duffel bag to pack. Not use to packing to go somewhere anymore as we take everything we own with us wherever we go.

Bayer was staying very close to either Jesse or myself, he knew something was up, the other two were not phased.

We left the campground about 8:30 to take the boys to The Pooch Palace. We got them settled in their home for the next few days. This barn has 8x8 sections partitioned off for each dog family. The yards to the left of the barn are all fenced and they are let out at least 4 times a day to run and play. (I miss them already)


We drove the hour to Albany airport and arrived with plenty of time until our flight. Got all checked in and then went to have a bite to eat.

We flew into Detroit and had ample time to make our connection to Denver. We arrived on time got our luggage and made our way via bus to the budget car rental.

We are renting Chevy Cobalt that is brand new and very small and cute. We drove without incident to Pueblo passing Pikes Peak in the distance.


We got all checked in to Econo Lodge and then went to Crackle Barrel for some dinner.

Adam and Kim stopped by to visit for a short while and we made plans for tomorrow. Adam is picking Jesse up at 9:50am for a tuxedo fitting. Beth and I will meet up and we will see what happens with the rest of the story tomorrow.

We have been traveling for 14 hours and we were very tired. So we are off to dreamland.

Hugs to everyone!


Happytrails said...

Glad you all arrived safely!
I love the pooch palace...looks like a great setup. I know you miss them. I know I would miss ours.
You all enjoy!

Mike & Gerri

Roger and Joyce said...

We thought we saw your plane as it whizzed by our park about 40 miles north of Detroit. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Hugs to you both.

Roger and Joyce