Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, May 17 – Busy Weekend


Saturday started out sleeping in until 7:30am. Then we relaxing in front of our computers with coffee.  It felt nice to be able to do this again.

It didn’t last long though. We have things to do, so we got dressed and headed for Warrensburg for breakfast at Luck E Star. Then we were off to the Aviation Mall in Queensbury.

We needed to find a suitcase to travel with. We wanted to find something that would fold-up to store when not using. After going to 4 or 5 stores we found what we wanted at Target. It's a wheeled Duffel bag. I thinks it will be just what we wanted. I will let you know after our trip.

We then went to get the boys food, only the Tractor Supply where we got it last year didn’t have our brand.  We went to a local pet store and purchased a different brand Nutro Max mini chunks. They seem to like it and time will tell as to how it their digestive systems handle the new brand.

Then we went to the food store..Price new favorite grocery store, it is a really nice store.

After returning home I made a pan of macaroni and cheese for the pot luck we were attending at the rec center for work campers. It was a good time visiting with everyone. We had some new arrivals since last week so we went around the room introducing ourselves again.

After returning home again we relaxed for awhile before going to bed.

Sunday we were up about 6:30am and after drinking coffee we got all the laundry together and went into Warrensburg to get it all done. I had rugs to wash and two sets of sheets so we ended up with 7 loads. When we were finished and back home I made us a Panini sandwich with my new Panini maker. It worked very well.

Then I mopped the floors while Jesse walked the boys. I dusted and cleaned the dishes and rearranged some cabinet space so I had room for my new sandwich maker.

Jesse kept busy organizing some of the basement space. Then he came in to help me make the bed. Afterwards I gave him a hair cut.

We both got cleaned up and met Joanne and Jim at Outback at 4:30 for dinner. It was a very nice evening spending some quiet time with friends.

After retuning home again we just relaxed and watched the finale of Survivor before going to bed.

I will work 1-9 on Monday and Tuesday closing the lodge up for the nights, should be interesting.

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Speedy said...

It is good to know that we are not the only ones working. We are in Hughes Springs Texas this week and will be in Terrell Texas next week. Thanks for keeping us up-dated on your journey.