Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, May 10 – Getting caught up


We  are still here so if you thought we might have fallen of the face of the earth we have not.  Work has been grueling.  It takes a lot to get a campground out of hibernation and ready for customers.  We started 3 weeks earlier this year than last year, so we missed much of what we have been doing.

Ginger is finished writing the training manuals and now is actually training some of the new employees.  She also has the joy of doing the scheduling for reservations.

Jesse has decided to remain working at Schroon Valley (that is the campground the work campers stay in).  After working there his first 2 weeks he got kind of comfortable and thought it a good fit for the summer so he talked to his boss and got the OK.  It is only him and a local Ethan doing the maintenance. 

We will still have the same days off so that is good.  After this week we will be on our regular schedule of Wednesday/Thursday off.  We like those days since it gets really busy in this area on weekends.

Other than an occasional dinner out we have mostly just hung around the house.  We have been getting ready for our trip to Colorado next week for Adam and Kim’s wedding.   We found a dog boarding place not too far from here that will be satisfactory. 

We leave next Thursday, May 20 and return on Sunday the 23 so we will only miss 3 work days.  If we had known our schedule back when we made the airline reservations we would have left on Wednesday but no matter cause we will be there for a longer visit in the fall.

We have had some strange weather.  It has been windy and cool the last few days. Tonight it is supposed to go down to 24 degrees.  Hopefully it will start warming up again.  We did have some 70 and 80 degree days last week.  At least we are not getting all the rain like last year although it has rained quite a bit since we got here.

We had a get acquainted gathering of work campers last night. It was very nice and great to get to know some of our fellow campers. Here are a few pictures.








Speedy said...

I figured you were both still around. We miss you when you don't write but then we understand the time that work takes up. Looks like you are having some fun too.

Ken and Nanette said...

We waved as we went by you!!!

We are now at Paradise Pines -- down the road.

We are also in the middle of getting the campground ready.

We need to meet up sometime when we all get the time.

Ken and Nanette