Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, December 4 – Busy week


I was surprised I had not posted since last Sunday. I really don’t know where the week went.

We are traveling right now to Albuquerque, NM for one night, on our way to Las Vegas, NV.

Some of the things we got done this week was to go through the 3 totes we had stored at Adam’s house. It was mostly pictures and a few books and some personal papers. We got rid of about 60% of the pictures. We kept some and we gave the children all they wanted. Really how many pictures does one need of naked babies in tubs and Christmas trees with presents under it? I have always been a picture taker and had many many albums of pictures.

I found some pictures of really old times when I was young that I want to scan and put on discs. I may even share some with our readers.

We also did the last of our organizing of our belongings for now. Jesse installed the hitch for the bike rack. We are very pleased with what we have accomplished getting things stowed away with room to spare.

We had our 2 year anniversary of full-timing on December 1st, it sure has gone by fast. We have been a lot of places and met so many wonderful people.

In our non-RV lifestyle we met people that we would call acquaintances, now most of those people we call friends and never say good-bye, just see ya down the road.

On Friday we took the Kram-a-lot back to Camping World to install the new bedroom TV and the lading gear parts. We also had them fix the new leak under the kitchen sink and repair the drawers under the refrigerators that would not open property.

Last night we met the kids and grandkids for dinner and to say see ya in April. It’s hard to leave family, but we are glad to be back on the road.


Karen and Al said...

I'm so anxious to start our full timing lifestyle and start meeting all those friends! We are thinking maybe we should call our MH the Kram a Lot inn as well, as we're sure cramming a lot into it.

Unknown said...

I like what you said about "friends". Nicely done and very true.