Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, February 11 - Seeing the City (San Diego, CA)


We moved into Pacific Time Zone and it gets light earlier in the mornings. This means the boys want to get up earlier and out for their morning walk, which Jesse does. This also means I get up earlier It’s okay because I slept better last night.

In Yuma our park was right next to a train track that crossed a road. This meant that they blow the horn before, during and after they cross. They travel 24/7 and I am a light sleeper so I never got a good nights sleep.

Here in Diamond Jacks it is very quiet and I slept well, at least for me.


We were out the door around 10am. We have a friend that used to live in San Diego and he said and I quote “be sure to go to Cabrillo National Monument, it’s out at Pt. Loma and what I think is the most beautiful view in the U.S.”

So with Hazel programed that was our first stop. I will let the pictures explain the fabulous views.




I really have no idea what the history of this place was because I just wanted to look at the views, the ocean, the harbor, the boats and the light house. Beautiful!

We spent quite a bit of time up there looking and when we left we were hungry.

There was this cruise ship in the harbor


We wanted to find a place to eat outside on the water and found The Fish Market. These pictures are as we were seated to eat.


Our lunch companions


The food was very good.

We walked around the area after we finished.



Jesse wanted to look up her dress.


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Randy and Terry said...

We visited Cabrillo, too. Fabulous view. Glad you're having fun!