Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, November 18 - Haven’t Blown Away Yet (Liberty, KS)


The wind never stops … We have been rocking for days. At times the wind is a breeze, but mostly high winds. I really know how Dorothy made it to OZ.

Of course we have been working 4-10 hour days and by Wednesday we are really tired. See for yourself, that’s a glass of wine in his hand and he is zonked out.


We do not do much, mostly we just do laundry, clean the house, buy groceries and I prepare meals for the work week.

Last Friday the 11th, we went out to eat with Barb and Bob to a local place in Coffeyville called Lannings. It was nothing special but the food was tasty.

After eating they came over to our place and we played hand and foot. The girls beat the guys the 1st game and then the guys won the 2nd, no rubber game was played. After the games we had cherry chocolate dump cake for dessert. It was a fun night!!

Mr. B has not been his normal active self for several months now. He also has been urinating in the house as I have mentioned. We bought him a kennel for during the day and look who likes it.


We took Mr. B to the local vet about 3 weeks ago to have a urine test taken to see if he had any infections. They found everything to be normal.

He continued to get worse and started to not eat very good. On Thursday 17th we took him to a vet in Independence who could take blood and review the tests right in his office. Again found nothing abnormal. He gave up some vitamins for him and gave us some incontinence meds to give him.

We took him back to the vet today because by this time he was dehydrated and hadn’t eaten anything in two days and could hardly walk. He suggested we take him to K-State University Veterinary Clinic which is 31/2 hours away. He called them to make an appointment for us. We left his office ran home to pick up Bayer and Buddy and we took off.

When we got there it was just a few minutes before we were called into the exam room. They took a history and examined him.

They took more blood and urine and ran tests on all these things and they took X-rays and found nothing. They gave him some IV fluids and sent us home with some cans of food that he may eat. They said they could do other tests, a sonogram, an  MRI, and admit him to the ICU, but they had no realistic ideas as to what was wrong.   We decided to just take him home where he would be comfortable and hope for the best.

We have no answers and really feel at a loss, but we are hopping we can get him back to eating and getting better. Jesse didn’t think he would make it thru the night but he is hanging in there.


jan said...

Do you think it could be the change in yours/his schedule? We had this happen once with our dog, he was depressed being alone so much and started wetting inside due to this. Dogs are very smart and more sensitive than we realize. This very well may be due to him being alone all day even though someone let's him out "he misses his mommy and daddy". Sounds like a good enough reason for you to quit the job haha

squawmama said...

Sorry to here about your little furbaby... Hope he gets better soon!
Have fun & Travel safe

The Bright's said...

Sounds like you are working too hard. but good for you! We worked hard last year managing a Christmas Tree lot. We passed on it this year.
That is so sad about your dog. I agree with Jan. It must be an emotional issue. I hope you are able to do something.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Repeat of what Jan touched on. The little guy is Pining, he thinks you just don't care about him anymore. He needs extra loving and cuddling to show him that you do care very much about him, even special treats.

Show him that you care.

It's about time.

Lynda and Bob said...

Maybe he is afraid Dorothy is coming for him and he'll wind up in Oz! Hugs all around.

Where did you get the white computer table? I think I found one like that on line but was afraid it would be wobbly. Looking good Jesse.