Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, February 10 - February Already? (Las Vegas, NV)


I was surprised when I realized that I hadn’t written a journal since January.

Anyway we are still in Las Vegas.

We did get to meet with our friends Don and Jane at their hotel which is right behind the Tropicana. We were glad that Don was feeling better and we spent several hours catching up with them.


The pool area


We have still been working 15 hours per week each at the Sporting Clay courses. We really haven’t worked much..mostly we sit in the break room. If a new guest comes in we take them to the course via golf carts and explain how the equipment works and let them have fun.

We have been in several casino’s…. To play BINGO, still haven’t won and to eat at buffets.

We went to a super bowl party and was very happy with the outcome.



We had a great time at Crystal’s and Brent’s home. It was also Chick’s birthday. We had pies and helped him celebrate.

chick's birthday

We have seen several more movies..

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (a little far fetched but good)

Beast of the Southern Wild (Good acting)

Identity Thief (Funny)

Silver Linings Playbook (Good movie, great acting)

Life of Pi (The cinematography was awesome)


As you can tell we have not been doing anything too exciting. The weather has been COLD and WINDY. Can’t wait for warm weather.


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Speedy said...

We too have been watching our Netfix and have seen some real good movies that we have never heard of?? We pay 7.00 and month for this and have really enjoyed it. Stay safe.