Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, December 2 - 5 Years (Mission, TX)


December 1st  we have been full timing for 5 years!     My how time flies.   We are still enjoying this life style.

We are on our 3rd RV and our 3rd truck which may sound excessive for 5 years, but we now have the RV we wanted from the beginning..


We have not been doing much since Thanksgiving. Just trying to get some stuff done on the rig and vehicles. We had Mr. Clean Balde wash and wax the Kram-a-lot on Friday and for only $10 more (rig was $90) he did the car. Both look nice and shiny again. Should have had him do the truck but I didn’t so I will get that done in the next week or so.

Saturday we wanted to get dog food at Petco in Mission. On the way we drove thru Retama Village to see if anyone we knew was out and about. We quickly saw Mark Hall so we stopped to say hello to him and Dortha. They were doing chores so we did not stay long but we will see them again soon.

The strip center with Petco also had some other stores we wanted to take a look at and an H-E-B Plus. Should not have gone to H-E-B because I saw a 40” Samsung LED that would fit in the same space as our 32” LCD and  I just had to have it….and so I do.

It really has good a picture and sound but it would not fit on the TV mount from the 32” so I removed the mount and just set it up on the table stand. I have 3 months to figure out how to secure it.

We have been having AC problems in the little Mazda for a couple of months and it has progressively gotten worse. There was a refrigerant leak somewhere so this morning I took it to a local repair shop. Remy’s Auto & Truck Service and had them take care of the problem which was a leaking line. All fixed now and hopefully no more leaks.

Ginger put out the Christmas decorations today so we are ready for Santa.

Tomorrow we are having lunch at Cheddar’s with the Drays and Steinmillers and then coming back here to discuss Christmas brunch plans.

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Tom and Marci said...

Happy 5 year Anniversary!! Say "Hi!" to Ed & Marilyn, and Roger & Joyce from us!