Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday November 28 - Only three days left

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with our Children and Grandchildren. We were so thankful we were all able to spend the day together.
This is the first Thanksgiving in at least 20 years maybe more that Jesse and I were not hosting the meal. I was still cooking, but it seemed very strange not to be having a house full of family and friends. My thought was may be I wouldn't have to do dishes.

We arrived and Adam had the table set and appetizers for all to enjoy. He really is a great host. The turkey went into the oven, and then he and I did an inventory on what needed to be heated/cooked and set up a plan to get it all done.

The Table and Gage

Adam our host

Meanwhile we all enjoyed visiting and had a cocktail and appetizers. After about an hour the food was set out and everyone stuffed themselves. It was a very good meal.

Gramps and Kacie

The food

Beth and DJ



Afterwards I helped clean up the dishes to be ready for the dishwasher and we sat down to play cards and had fun laughing and talking.

Jesse is pretty sure he sold the Explorer to one of the co-mangers at Wal*Mart. He left the house this morning with a bill of sale, title and keys. Hopefully he will come home with money instead of the car. That was the last loose end we needed to get rid of and we are very happy to have it done before we leave.

It was a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing ya down the road.

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