Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, November 22 - New washer/dryer !!

It’s been a grueling week for me at work. Having to relay all your knowledge to someone else really takes it out of you. Can you imagine having to absorb all that knowledge? I have tried not to overwhelm Cathy too much, but have little time to go over things with her. She is a real quick learner and picks up things really well. We have two more days together before a say goodbye to my working days, well my regular working days.

Jesse and I are going to have to work camp, unless someone comes up with some lost money for us. LOL. We are doing research now for next summer jobs. I am hopping to work somewhere that is not too hot for the summer. If anyone knows of something that pays well, and needs two hard working people, let us know.

Thursday Jesse took the day off from work at Wal*Mart and he and the Kram-a-lot went into Colorado Springs to Camping World to have our new washer/dryer combo installed. Jesse didn’t feel confident to install it himself (even thought I know he could have done it). It’s a Splendide 2100XCP. It added 148 lbs to our weight and $1,435.85 less to our bank account. I figure that it will pay for itself in about 2 years, rather then going to the laundry mat, and besides I like the convenience of having it right there in our home.

Today I have lots of things I want to get done. I will advise later if I get them all done, if I ever get off this computer. I have gotten very behind in my blog readings and have no idea what everyone it doing.

My Mother gave me this cactus plant many years ago for Easter. She said it was a Easter cactus and will bloom each Easter. Over the years it bloomed some years and others not. It had gone with us in our many travels as I think I have had it for almost 20 years. Now most years it blooms at Thanksgiving time as well as Easter. Here it a look at it today. (Notice the card table, that is where we have been having dinner).

Only 9 more days until full timing, can hardly wait.

Hugs to all.

See ya down the road.


Anonymous said...

I think your laundry calculations are a bit off. Convenience aside, just do the math again. Take that cost and figure 24 months, 4 weeks a month, and laundry each week then the weekly cost comes out right at $15 a week. I don't know what laundramat costs you have seen but we have been using a commercial laundramat for many years and it doesn't cost us $30 for 6-8 weeks of clothes. At the RV park we are currently at it is $1.00 a load to wash and $1 for an hour of dryer time (which is more than enough time to dry a load). I think you will find that it will be more like 6 or more years before you "break even".

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Ginger. Convenience wins out over trying to justify the cost. Here it is 9PM and I'm doing a load here in our rig while I do other things - like read blogs. :-) I have only seen $1 a load once in our year on the road. Usually $1.25 and sometimes $1.50. Then there is the gas to drive the clothes to the laundry room and where do you put all the dirty clothes until you go to the laundry? Also wear and tear on clothes in commercial dryers could be factored in. Back in the 'olden days' I remember it was 25 cents to wash and a dime to dry! :-)