Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, August 24 – 15 and 5


Another exciting week has come to an end.  The weeks just fly by. 15 down and 5 to go, or 105 days down and 35 to go or…wait a minute and I will figure out the hours.  Just kidding, but we are both anxious to get out of here. 

Not a whole lot going on this week.  The theme for the week was Hawaiian Luau.  Saturday nights pig roast was a big hit. They roasted 3 pigs. It did not bring in nearly the amount of guests that Halloween did.   In fact Saturday we had 40 some more check outs than check ins.  I guess things are winding down. 

This week looks to be quite slow with just a few check ins here and there.  The week ends will be moderate but week days slow until Labor Day.  That will be the last hurrah for most people and it will get crazy around here.

Most of the work campers are leaving within a few days of Labor Day so I imagine it will be a bit lonely around here.  Ginger probably won’t get a lot of hours but Jesse will be busy.  Maintenance has a lot to do before they close down Oct. 12th. 

All of the rentals have to be power washed and the log cabins have to be coated or oiled or something like that. 

Equipment has to be shut down and winterized,  all the trailers winterized,  all the water lines drained and blown out 3 times and tons of other stuff.  Jesse will miss some of it but he won’t be able to avoid the pressure washing.

We did not do much for our days off.  Weather was not too cooperative on Sunday so we just hung out in the morning. Then went to a movie in the afternoon.  We went together but we did not see the same movie.  Ginger saw The Time Travelers Wife and Jesse saw District 9.  We both enjoyed our respective shows.

On Monday we gave Mr. B and Buddy a hair cut.  After 2 1/2 hours of that we rationalized Bayer did not look so bad so we skipped him.  His fur is so thick it’s a real chore to cut him so we’ll give him one in a few more days.

Our outdoor carpet feel apart, so Jesse picked it up and trashed it while Ginger vacuumed and mopped the floors inside.

After showers Jesse went for a ride in his golf cart while Ginger made spaghetti amore for dinner.

That’s about all there is to report.  The RV lifestyle is lot like our other life. We just sometime don’t do a lot. Except now we don’t do a lot in different places.

Hugs to everyone and safe travels!


Unknown said...

Welcome back. Yes, we didn't do much this week either and Bob struggled for something to write. :-) I'm glad we had the 2 weeks in AK and will go to our timeshare in BC for 2 weeks in Sept. Funny how we have to be on the move! Have you seen Julia and Julie? Great movie! Lynda and Bob

Speedy said...

We are on the move too. Now in Louisiana were in Arkansas and soon to be??? OH well that is half the excitement. Can't wait to see you both again.