Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, August 3 – A long week

Well we have finished another grueling work week. 12 down and 8 to go…probably. I guess this summer has not fulfilled Corporates expectations and the GM here was directed to cut payroll immediately.

BTW, this campground is owned by Encore and in turn owned by Equity Lifestyles Properties. They laid off one of the guys from maintenance and his wife who worked in the store.

Also gone is one of the front gate supervisors for guests services and his wife and some of house keeping staff. They have cut the hours a bit for the fun and games people but have not let anyone in that department go.

Rumors are running rampant of course, and there is talk of 10 more cuts to be made. What ever happens happens we are not worried. Adjustments in this lifestyle are easily made. We were not considering this place as a career move anyway.

Not much else interesting for this week. The weather continues it’s rainy ways, though now it is only raining every other day. Temps are pleasant rarely getting above the lower 80’s and dropping to the upper 50’s to low 60’s in the evening. Even with the high humidity that’s not too bad.

The theme for last week was western or cowboy week so we got to wear our cowboy hat to work Saturday. I guess Jesse had more hair when he bought the hat a few years ago cause it was a little big. Here are a few pictures from guest services.

IMG_0015 IMG_0017The next 2 weeks theme is Halloween. This is a popular thing in the campground and some guests have already decorated their campsites with ghosts and ghouls and stuff.

On Saturday when Ginger got off at 7 pm, Jesse had already started happy hour without her. We decided to go visit Jim and Joanne and he continued to drink. He was feeling no pain by the time we got home. Ginger was so glad he went right to bed!.

We did not go on any adventures this weekend except for
Walmart on Sunday. That’s always and adventure on a weekend. No exciting culinary experiences either. We did go out Sunday morning to the Lucky Star for breakfast. Just after ordering, another work camping couple, Don and Jane from Georgia came in; we asked them to join us. We had a good meal and nice conversation.

That evening we went to another local place, Bill’s Diner, for dinner. Good down home cooking kind of place.

Today we did lots of chores around the Inn and had guests for dinner Darrell and Judy.

IMG_0027 We had a great dinner of barbeque chicken, a green salad, Judy’s potato salad, Ellie’s apple caramel salad, roasted onions and peppers, wine, beer, and cherry dump cake ala mode for desert. We even ate outside and there was just enough breeze to keep the bugs away.

IMG_0022 A great evening was had by all. After our guest departed we watched a bit of TV and called it a night.

That was our week.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder your week was long if Mon was the 4th; for the rest of us Monday was the 3rd :)