Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 9 – Nothing Special


Another week has gone by and we have survived.   It seems as if the weeks get harder, as far as working, but they are going by faster. Can’t believe we have been here 92 days so far and we only have 48 left.  And then we get to travel!

On Saturday we had 131 check-in and 101 check-outs. Guest Services were very busy, as was Jesse doing site clean-up.

Here are some of the employees dressed for the theme week

HousekeepingIMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0041We didn’t go on any adventures this week.  Saturday evening we did some Chinese carry out for dinner.  Jesse really liked his but Ginger thought it was just ok.  

After dinner we took the work truck (aka the golf cart) and followed the haunted hay wagon rides around the campground.  As a reminder the theme for the next 2 weeks is Halloween.

Fun & Games had some stops along the route with such things as spooks rising from a coffin and ghouls having a bloody feast.  There were 3  wagons that left 15 minutes apart and we followed the last one.  This of course was the first of 4 separate trips. 

DSC01453  DSC01452 When the wagons would stop to see a scary site ghosts and ghouls would sneak up on the riders from behind and scare the *##$%#@)(& out of them.  It worked every time.  Many of the guests would get in on the act and jump out from behind bushes along the route to give a little extra scare.  Each rides took about 1/2 hour starting at 9pm with the last trip at 11pm.

Sunday we just vegetated.  We made plans to go to the store and do some other chores.  Even talked of going for a ride into Vermont but we just ended up watching TV or computering. 

Jesse spends so much time on the laptop looking at routes to Indiana,  Missouri, and Colorado,  that by the time we leave there won’t be a need for MapQuest or the GPS because he will have memorized them. Planning our travel is giving Jesse a real bad case of hitch-itch.

The weather has been really gorgeous this past week with sunny skies and pleasant temps.  We have been able to turn off the AC every evening and open the windows.  We even had to break out the blanket for a few nights.  Of course for our days off it is overcast with a little rain but not like the past 3 months. So even though we are getting a little rain on our weekend we can’t complain.

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Speedy said...

So it is Halloween where you are? I just thought we were a few hours different...but months?