Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, April 24 – First week at Lake George Escape


Wow! This has been a very interesting week.

Monday and Tuesday

Jesse worked at Schroon Valley remodeling the bath house.

Ginger started with team building for (GSI) Guest Services, Inc. Team is made up of the following 11 people:

Jim and Jan as our managers/directors

Jim primarily in charge of Reservations and Reception (R&R) which includes front desk, phone reservation, front gate and express check-in. Craig- as assistance manager; Joanne, Tina and Ginger as supervisors.

Jan in charge of Fun and Games and Retail, which includes Lodge store, Honey Bear store and Schroon Valley store.

David, Dotty and Bonnie are the supervisors with Don as inventory manager.

Kelli was also part of the team as theme coordinator for Fun & Games.There will also be Ron and Linda as fun and game supervisors who are not here yet.

We did all types of exercises to get to know each other better and to come up with a game plan for our team. I (Ginger) believe all of us walked out of there feeling really good about what we have agreed to do this summer and our co-workers.

Wednesday Jesse also worked at Schroon Valley putting the finishing touches on the bath house.

Thursday Jesse worked at LGE getting the rental trailers leveled and putting up the metal awnings. They also cleaned the outside of the rental trailers.

On Wednesday and Thursday Craig, Joanne, Tina and Ginger started rewriting the R&R manual and outlining how to train the associates that we would be working with.

Friday Jesse worked at Schroon Valley trimming trees, moving trailers and general cleaning of the park.

Friday morning Jim held a meeting with all 11 of us. He informed us that corporate “ELS” lowered the boom. They are not honoring their commitment to Jim and Jan because I budget cuts. Therefore they will not be compensated what they were promised. Because of this the structure will change.

Jan will still be in charge of retail and all remains the same for those team member in that department.

R&R-big changes; Jim and Craig will no longer be in that department. They both will go back to fun and games with Jim being in charge as in past years. So Joanne, Tina and I have to decide if we want to stay in our positions without Jim and Craig being our managers. They plan to hire an assistant manager for us to work under.

After all this was discussed we broke for lunch even though it was only around 10:45. We needed time to digest all this and talk with our spouses. We were asked to be back by 1:00pm with our decisions.

Jesse was working at Schroon today and Jim was also at Schroon. So home we went. Jesse and I talked about the pros and cons of the new structure and I decided that if Joanne and Tina wanted to stay so would I. They decided the to stay. So, I will do my best to honor my commitment.

After making our decisions the four of us Craig, Joanne, Tina and I continued to finish with the manual. Craig and Jim will be helping for a while to make the transition go smoothly.

That was our work week. As I stated very interesting week.

In the evenings on Monday and Tuesday we just stayed home and chilled for the evening. Wednesday Joanne, Jim, Jesse and I went into town at Lucky Star for dinner. On Thursday we stayed home and relaxed.

Friday Jim and Joanne came over for cocktails after work. We were all talking about the events of the day and decided to order pizza to share. It was a great way to end the week, spending time with friends.

You may find I will not be writing as often while working, but I will write when I can.

Here are some pictures taken on our way here and a couple of our site.

New YorkIMG_2818 IMG_2821 IMG_2820

HUGS to all!!




Darrell said...

Wow, as I began reading your entry I was getting excited for you. Things were really coming together. What a blow but, I commend you for hanging in there. ELS doesn't even suspect how good of a team they have. With all your good attitudes you should be able to pull it all together in spite of some suit in Chicago. We'll be following along so hopefully you'll post often.

Speedy said...

Sounds like a plan. Are you commuting to and from the other park? The camp site looks nice and comfortable. Have fun...we will be following you

Happytrails said...

Sorry to hear of the beginning issues at LGE. Hopefully things will work out well and you all will have a good experience this year.

You all have a very nice site! Take care and "hang in there."

Mike & Gerri (

roamingwhenwecan said...

Good luck to you both for the season. Sounds like it was a real mess..Personally I think you work too hard and I doubt really appreciated.. You really do have a good outlook..

The Happy Wanderers said...

We wish we were there just to give you both a big hug and sit with you and a glass of wine, while you talk.
Can't wait to see you again.
Sending a cyber hug your way.

Unknown said...

Hey, guys,

No skipping days blogging!! Even if it's just to say you managed to survive another day of work.
We miss you and hope to see you in the Valley next winter.