Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, May 1 – A Very Busy Week

I have to go into work later today and close, which I am not looking forward to but somebody has to do it.

This has been a week from H___.

I was suppose to have Wednesday/Thursday off but Norm had something else up his sleeve.

On Tuesday night when he sent out mass emails to 2010 guest to remind them that their final payments were due on May 5th, by accident he also sent out emails to all of 2009 guests. Needless to say we had thousands of guest calling about not making a reservation or that their dates were wrong.

It has been a nightmare with all the calls.

The weather has been cold, we had to leave the water on all night to prevent it from freezing. It even snowed one day, although nothing stuck. It is suppose to warm up this weekend, yesterday was a start.

My main task this week was to finish typing the manual and put it all together. I finally have it all typed and proofed, just need to make copies and put in books.

Training starts on Monday with Tina teaching the 1st class.

Jesse has been working here at Schroon Valley (SV), cleaning sites, raking, trimming trees, moving water heaters, cutting grass and overall maintenance with Ethan. We open SV on Mother’s Day weekend. He seems to like working here and may just continue.

It makes it much easier for the boys to have there afternoon walk and Jesse gets to come home for lunch. I take my lunch and eat in the break room.

Although I worked on Wednesday and worked a several hours on Thursday, I did have time on Thursday to do a few errands.

We are trying to find a place to board the boys when we fly to Colorado later this month for Adam and Kim’s wedding. So far I have not make a reservation for them.

I know we may lose some readership by not posting most days and I am sorry. I haven’t even had time to reading ANY blogs this week so I have no idea what anyone else has been up to.

I sure hope things start to get better and I have more personal time to caught up.

Stay safe and hugs to everyone.


The Happy Wanderers said...

Good to read an update. We understand your problem there.
We send big hugs out your way. Wish we were close enough to see you once in a while.
Please write whenever you can. You have many irons in the fire.
Take care, dear friends,
E & M

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Know what it's like, but work comes first, We will most likely do you like you guys and try some work camping when we hit the road, Have fun on your time off, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

roamingwhenwecan said...

Wow, you guys take it easy. Hope things will settle down for you....

Happytrails said...

Sorry things are so hectic for you all right now. Maybe once things are up and running it will smooth out. I hope so. Hang in there.

We understand how difficult it is to keep up a blog when you are busy and not moving at the moment. You won't loose your readers. This is a lifestyle...this is part of it.

We will be starting a camphost position on June 1 for a few months so we totally understand.

Hang in there!
Mike & Gerri

Speedy said...

Sherri and I know all about the time thing. We hardly have time to set down and talk to each other. We travel and work so we stay real busy. Write when you can and we will read when we can. Stay safe