Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 21 - Travel Day (Morro Bay, CA)


We left our site at 10am this morning and drove over to the office to check out. It took 45 minutes to do this. The manager was the only one in the office because all his help called in because of weather.

It started to rain on Saturday night and rained steady all night, all day Sunday and stopped some time early Monday. It was rain at our location at 1,000 elevation in Coarsegold. A mere 7 miles away in Oakhurst where the elevation is about 2,300 it snowed. Trees were down on the road, mud slides and electric lines down and the road was closed.

That was North, thankfully we were heading South.

We traveled South on Hwy 41 to Hwy 46 to 1 South. We traveled 185 miles and arrived at 2pm, traveling through light rain, heavy rain, sunshine, a real mixed bag of weather.


We got set up - Jesse had trouble getting the Dish set up again, but finally got it and even got high definition. He needs to purchase a new compass and maybe a different tripod.

I made us some beef and pork bar-b-que sandwiches along with baked beans.

We are located right next to the ocean but you have to cross over the dunes…so we went for a walk. This is a sand flower I thought was pretty.


Looking back to the RV park from the dunes.


The town from the dunes.


The 576 foot guard standing watch over Morro Bay Harbor, locally it is know as Morro Rock.


We decided to go back and get the truck and the boys to see how close we could get to it. On the way we saw some guys kayaking.




The ocean and some bird that uses his long beak to dig in the sand.



Tomorrow we are going to tour the Heart Castle which is why we are back here.

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