Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday/Thursday, March 9 /10 -- Dish TV/Tour of Park (Coarsegold, CA)



After coffee this morning we spent time trying to set-up the Dish TV, but we were not successful.

Jesse called Dish and was informed that they will not send a technician out to service a system in a RV.

The local technician didn’t want to come out to our location because Dish only reimburses them $15 for a service call and his cost would be more then that.

With all the trouble shooting from his conversations it was thought that the LNB might be defective.

So Jesse and I took off to Fresno which is about 40 minutes away to pick up a new LNB. We paid out share of the cost which was $20.

Here are pictures of all the snow still on the mountains:


We also stopped at Chick-fil-A for a late lunch. Yum!.

After we returned home we tried again to get it set-up, but still was not able to do so.

Jesse is still not sure what our problem is, maybe a tree???

We are happy that this park has cable and we are able to get most of the stations we watch. The bad part is we are not able to record any shows because we gave the kids all our equipment because we have the DVR.



Today at 10am we scheduled to have a tour of the park. Pat one of the members came by in a golf cart and took us through the park. She told us that this park is 90% designed and built by members. It is maintained by the members and they also work it, all 254 spacious lots on winding hilly roads.

We started our tour at the maintenance shop that members and guest are welcome to use:


There are 4 water towers that store the water for the park.


There is a casino just a few minutes from the park and here is a view of it from the park:

Coarsegold Creek runs through the park, and the back forty has a lot of walking and hiking trails.


This is a picture of the stain glass that is located on the 15,000-square-foot clubhouse. They have a library, laundry, crafts room, billiards room, and a mezzanine with computers, Wi-Fi, TV area, and exercise equipment.


It was a great tour and a beautiful park.

Afterward we drove into Oakhurst where I got my nails done and went to the food store and got home in time to watch “Days of our Lives” since I can not record it.

We decided to drive over to the casino to take a look around and donate a few dollars. We also purchased tickets to see a show tomorrow night called “Legends in Concert”.

We came home and we grilled some potatoes and onions along with turkey burgers for Jesse and a Turkey Minion for me.

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