Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, November 26 - Only 4 Weeks To Go! (Liberty, KS)


This past week was the Thanksgiving luncheon at work on Monday. I was surprised that they were able to feed all of us in the 1/2 hour time period.

As we entered the lunch room we were handed a styrofoam container with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. They had another lady to put gravy on your potatoes if you wanted it. Then they handed you a small coffee container with cranberry, mandarin oranges and walnuts in it. For dessert they handed you a container if bread pudding.

It was all very organized and efficient and the food was tasty.

Mr. B is doing physically better, but he can not control himself and urinates whenever he needs to. After Jesse waking up two mornings in a row and stepping in puddles of pee he was really upset to put it mildly. We have decided to let him sleep in the kennel, Mr. B not Jesse. Now that he is eating and drinking I have started to give him the meds for incontinence, hopefully that will do some good.

On Wednesday I was coming down with a cold and just was not feeling well, so I left work early. When I got home I ate some lunch and then took a nap.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had made plans to share dinner with Bob and Barb Williams at our place. Barb was making a sweet potato casserole, squash and pies for dessert (cherry and pumpkin). I made the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. We had a very nice meal and the company was great.

After dinner we played Sequence and Bob and I beat Jesse and Barb 2 to 1. It was a fun day, thanks guys for sharing with us!!!!

For the next two days we just relaxed at home, I did laundry and nursed my cold. I am feeling better, but not normal and it’s back to work tomorrow.

Bye for now.


Speedy said...

Sorry to hear about the dog problem. They are just like kids and they need a lot of care. Sherri is working in Alexandria. I am cleaning the outside and then starting on the bays. Hope this weather holds out.

Joe and Sherri

squawmama said...

Sure hope that Mr B and you are doing a lot better ~
Have fun & Travel safe

Sondra said...

I just stumbled in and read about your dog....sorry to hear he is ill....Im assuming they checked him for diabetes? We had a dog who had this she would get so lethargic and drink a lot and urinate a lot..
Also found out recently that the sugar substitute Truvia is deadly to dogs...shuts down their organs is in many low cal baked goods and sugar free gums and sodas. Sure hope your doggie gets better.