Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

December 9 - 2 Weeks left (Liberty, KS)


Well it’s been awhile since I have written ….. It has been a grueling few weeks. Working 10 hours a day really is a toll on the body. We have really not done anything on our days off but, clean, laundry, cook and get groceries.

We were moved from inbound department to outbound. We now pack orders in boxes. Neither of us like it, but we can’t seem to get moved back, believe me I have tried!!

The original 6 that trained in the beginning was Bob, Gary, Norman, Loretta, Jesse and myself. We all would sit together at breaks and lunch, so splitting us up was sad. Norm, Loretta, Jesse and I were being moved to outbound, but Norm and Loretta decided to just quit.

So before they left we all went out to dinner the night before. It was fun to have some social time with them and to say a proper see ya down the road. We went to Jack’s bar and grill. They had a shuffle board game there and 4 of us played, although we didn’t finish the game we had fun.

Loretta and Norm


Gary and Darlene


Bob and Barb


Yesterday was supposed to be our overtime day, so we were up, dressed and off to work. When we got there the parking lot was full!!! Jesse dropped me off then parked the car. Once we got to our work area, we were told that there were too many people and not enough packing machines and that they were going to send people home. I couldn’t get my hand raised fast enough. We were out of there in a flash!

We spent the day just relaxing around. I took down the fall decorations and put up a few Christmas things. I really didn’t want to do much because I would have to try and put them away when we leave. Jesse took the car to get it washed, just to get the grime off it.

It has been very cold here; below freezing at night and in the 30’s during the day. Can’t wait to get somewhere warm.

Mr. B has been just hanging in there. He is lethargic, and still having problems holding his urine, but eating and drinking. He is still quite loving and will let me cradle him just like a baby.

Bye for now.


mountainborn said...

Similar weather here in Campbellsville KY at the SDF-1 fulfillment center.

Chuck-Kathy said...
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Chuck-Kathy said...

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is NOT a train! Think of the stories you will have. Hugs to you both.

Fred Wishnie said...

Wow, it's almost over. Hope you get to warm weather for the winter. Where are you headed when this is over?

Lynda and Bob said...

You certainly will have a better appreciation of what it takes to order from Amazon now! I already received my Garmin so guess you didn't pack it!

squawmama said...

Too much work for me ~ lol... Hope Mr. B is doing better...
Have fun & Travel safe

Sunny said...

Don't think I'd be able to take on a job like that. More power to you. you can b eproud of your accomplishment when its all done. And then I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I'll be checking back to see where you go next :)

Speedy said...

It is cold here and we left West Texas last week which was colder yet. Hope you find some warmer weather soon

Joe and Sherri