Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 30 - Travel Day (Fort Clark Springs, Brackettville, TX)


The week went by fast .. On Wednesday I had an appointment to have my hair cut. Jesse stayed home waiting for the repair man to come by and look at the brakes on the Kram-a-lot. He said that we didn’t have any. The guy said that it was oxidation on the terminals he cleaned that up and said the magnets were getting power.

Jim and Joanne went to San Antonio as Jim had a doctors appointment.

Once I got home from the hairdressers Jesse and I went to Whataburger for lunch. This was our 1st visit and Jesse thought it was a good burger, I just had French Fries.

I made dinner for the four of us today, making mac and cheese, green salad, asparagus, elk steak and apricot chicken.



On Thursday we all went for a ride to Bandera. Jim needed to pick up a belt that he was having repaired there. On the way we stopped at Camp Verde for lunch.


Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, on the banks of the Verde Creek, the store was first established in 1857. The two story stone structure of Southern colonial design is full of things to buy. Originally, the general store was established to offer goods and services to the soldiers stationed at Fort Verde, a mile to the west.



They have a small lunch only open from 11am-3pm. The prices for the food was very reasonable and quite tasty but we waited about 1 hour.

After we returned home we went to our own rigs and relaxed for the evening.


We left Ingram around 10am this morning. Saying see ya later to Jim and Joanne … We had such a good time being with them.

We had a short travel day only 2 1/2 hours and arrived on the Fort at 12:30.

We were just getting hooked up when Pat rode by in her truck. She had some ladies in the truck with her on their way to play bridge, but we got hugs and a promise to see her later.

We got all set up and I made us some lunch. Around 3pm Dan came by to get us and take us to their place.  He gave us the tour of the new apartment they are building, it will so nice for them. We walked across the street to have happy hour with their friends Eck and Dee. Eck has beer on tap, you just need to bring your glass and Jesse was ready.

After about a hour we went home fed and walked the boys then went by Kit and Jerry’s place. They were not at home, but we knew they weren’t far because their rig was open.

So we headed back to Dan and Pat’s. They were still at happy hour, so Jesse was talked into having another beer.

Kit and Jerry dove by in their golf cart and we were able to visit for just a few minutes.

Pat had made dinner for us, so we went back over to their place and had lots of conversation and a wonderful meal with dessert. Thank you both for a GREAT evening!

We didn’t go home until after 9pm and it was a fun day!


squawmama said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!!! Great photos and fun!
Happy New Year to you both

Gypsy's Tales said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Spent today working with Sarah packing and sorting Storage or House? Their new place will be smaller so into storage for many things until they can get settled and then decide what to use etc - Bob & Scott painted 4 rooms in their rental today (they wanted to leave it in good shape) fortunately there is quite a bit of paneling so not every room needed paint. Hope 2012 brings you both good health and happiness Hugs Barb & bob