Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 23 - Travel Day!!!! (Wichita Falls, Texas)


We left this morning at 8:05am, traveled 325 and arrived at Wichita Falls RV Park at 2:20. We are so happy to be out of Kansas and finished with our work at Amazon.

Our last day was suppose to be yesterday, we went in at 6:30 only to be told that we could have the day off on VTO if we wanted and we said SURE!!!! We went to breakfast then back to the RV to relax. I did 3 loads of laundry and packed everything for travel and believe me after working at Amazon that was relaxing.

Once we got moving our travel was uneventful today. I say that because as soon as Jesse started the truck the pressure pro said he had low pressure in one of the tires and he had to get out the compressor and air the tire. He said that it was the pressure pro that made the tire leak air. I guess we should have steel valve stems but we have rubber, so the sensor/transmitter was not on correctly and released pressure. Jesse installed them the other day and aired all the tires in preparation of leaving.

Last Saturday we met with some friends at Pizza Hut to have a meal and have a last gathering before we all would depart this week.

John, Bob and Jesse


Me, Barb and Lora


Everyone: Barb, Lora, Kay, John, Bob, Jesse and Ed


Kay and Ed was a little late arriving because we stopped by to see them on our way to the restaurant to say thank you again for walking the boys for us and to see there new puppy. (A 4 month old schnauzer) That held them up getting ready but it was no problem as we were in no hurry. We had a good meal and great company, we lingered long after everyone was finished eating just visiting and sharing stories.



John and Lora were heading to Westleco so we will get together with them while we are in the Rio Grand Valley. Bob and Barb were going to South Carolina and Kay and Ed will end up in Texas to their home.

On the 20th Kelsey turned 18 years of age. I can’t believe she is all grown up and beautiful. This is a picture of her and her boyfriend Kyle.

Kelsey and Kyle

Then on the 22, yesterday Bayer turned 11. He is so handsome!!


Now that we are not going to be working I hope to blog more often. I am sure it will not be every day but I will try to get in a few times a week.

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Bob and Lynda said...

Congratulations on surviving Amazon! Guess you didn't get snow or you would have written about it.
Yes, we thought the Pressure Pro was more trouble than it was worth. When we had the blow-outs we heard the tire pop before Pressure Pro warned us about anything.

Safe travels and Merry Christmas.

Bob and Lynda