Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, November 4th - House lookers

Our weekend was very uneventful. I rested and did very little around the house. I played games on the computer and watched a lot of HGTV and TLC.

On Sunday we did go to Colorado Springs to visit the Select Comfort Mattress store. We need and new mattress very badly. We thought the pillow top version felt the best. Our prior mattress was a pillow top Vera Wang mattress, so we liked that the best.

I decided to call Bob and Lynda Soady to see if they still liked their new mattress and Lynda said they did. So we called Tami the person they recommend and ordered a new pillow top air mattress. Thanks Bob & Lynda for your help and advice!!

Today we were back at work. I got a call from our Realtors’ office that someone wanted to see the house at 1:00pm. So around 12:15 I left work for the house to get the boys and straighten up a few things. I left the house at 12:50 the boys and I decided to just drive over to the next street until they were finished with showing the house. By the time we were in a position to watch the house the prospective buyers were there and waiting for their Realtor to show up. She showed up on time and they entered the house.

I began to think they were preparing lunch as they were there for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I hopped that was a good sign.

Once they left I took the boys back home and went back to work. I received another call from our Realtors’ office saying someone else wanted to see the house between 5-6PM tonight. They said the people earlier were very interested and wanted to know what our utilities cost.

As soon as I got home I looked up that info in quicken and called Robin back to give her the information. She said she would let them know and hopefully would be contacting us again. Well we have not heard anything else yet, but we are keeping an open mind. :~)

While out of the house tonight we went to get fuel in the truck and paid $2.96 per gallon. We went to Subway (eat fresh) to get a sandwich then back to the house again.

We watched a movie Jesse rented and then flipped channels as we were keeping an eye on the election returns.

Hopefully we will see ya down the road soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leno said...

Sounds promising. Hope all goes well and you get an offer.

Al Viscardi said...

Best wishes on the house! Terri and I had a similar experience two years ago when ours did sell. We thought the "lookers" took up residency.
Al Viscardi