Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, December 21-A quiet weekend

Not too much happening here. Ginger is back east in Baltimore for our niece Kelsey’s 16th birthday party. She arrived in Baltimore Thursday and returns to the RGV Tuesday evening.

She arrived just in time for the big nor’easter and about 1 1/2 foot of snow on Saturday. They still had the party on Sunday though some of Kelsey’s friends could not make it out. Of course it was just as bad here with all that sun 68 and degree temps.

The boys and I have been hanging out just taking it easy. No new adventures other than me being elbow deep in…..... well in fixing the toilet for the last time. I even went so far as to visit Camping World and price a replacement before giving it one more shot. I replaced the flush valve and after a few adjustments the pedal works as it was supposed but the bowl would not hold water. I just replaced the seals last July and at $36. I wasn’t going to replace them again. I took the toilet apart for about the 8th time. I took all the parts and soaked them in bleach water and then scraped all the scale off the parts with a flat head screwdriver, at least I like to think it was scale from the water I was scraping off. Anyway after cleaning everything I put it all back together again and booyah, it is working again. Just to make sure, I am eating and drinking all I can to make sure it gets a good workout…

Ed and Marilyn invited me to their place for dinner Sunday and to watch the finally of Survivor. We are all fans of the show. Ed made some great beef vegetable soup and I forced myself to only eat 2 bowls. You cannot beat good food and good friends.

Today after walking 3 1/4 miles with the guys I finished a few cups of coffee and a bunch of blogs. Then it was off to the shower and then to the rv supply store for an anode rod and to Walmart for groceries. Ginger emailed me a grocery store list for a pot luck Christmas Eve day brunch with the gang and dinner on Christmas Day with the Drays.

Even 1800 miles away and I get honey do’s.

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Speedy said...

You did wash your hands after fixing the toilet?? I am so proud of you and your ability to fix that toilet..