Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, December 30 – Guys and Gals Day Out


After their walk and coffee at home Jesse, Ed, Roger, Heinz, Gilbert and Carl went on a “Guys” day out. They chose to go over to Mexico. They went in two trucks.

From their stories telling later in the day they had a good time. They had margaritas and beer, manicure, pedicures(this was a “Guys day out”) and lunch.  For the details of their adventure go to Ed’s blog. 

As they retold the stories from their day, they were deciding on where to go next Wednesday when they have another guys day out.

Gals day out was Marilyn, Joyce and I. I drove because neither gal is comfortable driving their trucks. We were heading to McAllen mall.

Our first stop was Michaels for thread, then Bed Bath and Beyond,where I bought a bread maker. When we had dinner over at Jan’s a few weeks ago she made homemade bread and it was so good that we decided we wanted to get one.

I am going to get rid of my big mixer master to make room for it. (I haven't used it since we started full timing) and I have a hand mixer.

Then we walked the mall. We went into a few stores. Marilyn bought a belt.

We were hungry and it was lunch time so we headed to the food court. Chick-fil-A was our lunch choice, so we all ordered and sat down to enjoy the food.

Refreshed and renewed with our bellies full, we continued to walk the mall. Our next stop was Bath and Body Works where Marilyn and I stocked up on good smelly things.

We left the mall and went to HEB Plus. This was my first trip to a plus HEB. I was not so impressed, but they said the one on the other side of the highway was much nicer. We all made a few purchases before heading home.

When we entered the mall it was cloudy and cool, but we came out to SUNSHINE and warmer temps.

When we got home we found the guys sitting out in the sun having cocktails. They invited us to join them, and before we knew it we had almost the whole gang there enjoying the sun.

We had some conversation about a different adventure for next winter. We all need to look into it more, so I won’t say where yet.

As soon as the sun went down it started to become cool, so we all said goodnight and went home.

I fed the boys and made Jesse and I a salad for dinner. We watched TV and computered for the remainder of the evening.

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